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A message from our President, Heather Hunter

College Democrats are the backbone of the Democratic Party. Through our efforts in phone banking, canvassing, and campaigning as a whole, we have worked hard to elect Democrats and continue to do so. Our goal is not to severely increase student voter turn out to flip Florida Blue in the future. And hopefully, that future is soon. 


The Florida College Democrats don’t want to stop there. We want to make our presence known to the Democratic Party and show that we are a strong force and our dedication to electing Democrats is unstoppable. It is our duty as Democrats to keep fighting for those who cannot fight for themselves and to educate those who don’t understand the political system. 


As we approach 2020, we are ready to elect Democratic officials at the local, state, and federal levels. We are ready for the relentless work that comes with it. We are ready for a Democratic President in 2020. Are you? 


On behalf of the Florida College Democrats I’d like to officially welcome you to our website! Feel free to explore the page and join in our fight to Flip Florida Blue by making a contribution!