A message from our President, Michael Kester

     College Democrats are a vital part of the Democratic Party. Through our efforts in phone banking, canvassing, and campaigning as a whole, we have worked hard to elect Democrats and are continuing to do so in 2020. Our goals are to increase student turnout at our campuses, relentlessly fight those who cannot fight for themselves, educate our fellow students on how politics affects their lives, and show them what they can do to change it. We do all of this while creating an inclusive atmosphere of comradery and friendship that welcomes students of all backgrounds.

     The Florida College Democrats want to make our presence known to the Democratic Party and show that our dedication to electing Democrats up and down the ballot is unstoppable. As we approach the November election, we are ready to elect Democratic officials at the local, state, and federal levels and we are ready for the relentless work that comes with it. We are ready for a Democratic President. Are you?

     On behalf of the Florida College Democrats, I’d like to officially welcome you to our website! If you are a student, you can search for a chapter at your school under the "Get Involved" tab. If your school does not yet have a chapter, we would love to help you start one! If you are an ally, please consider making a donation to help us continue our important work of getting students to the polls.

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