A message from our President, Antonio "Toni" Rodriguez


The Trump Era has been both a curse and a blessing to our democracy. Now more than ever, ordinary citizens are mobilizing themselves to stand up for values we as Democrats hold dear. Most importantly, students have begun organizing on their campuses and their communities. Movements like March for Our Lives proves the test of time: young people have an immense power and passion to create change. As Florida College Democrats, we empower students to take on this great work and participate in our democracy by electing Democrats that will enact the policies needed for our communities to thrive.

In this election cycle, it is our duty to be at the frontlines of our party. We are the lifeblood of the Democratic Party and through our leadership, we will see a blue tsunami take back our government this November. It is up to us, to mobilize a demographic that has historically low voter turnout rates and empower them to be active civic leaders in our party. Through a coordinated effort, we can create a culture of college students who are proactive in promoting Democratic values and training the next generation of leaders who will inherit this party.

On behalf of the Florida College Democrats, welcome to our website! Feel free to explore and join our fight by making a contribution!