Starting a Chapter

Are you interested in starting a chapter of College Democrats at your college or university?

Starting a chapter with the FCD is not as hard as you may think, we’ll be with you every step of the way.
Questions? Contact our Director of Membership, Acushla Jagannathan.

To start here are some steps to follow to become a chapter:

First you need to register as a student organization through your campus and start holding meetings.

  • Registering as an official student organization will allow you to book meeting spaces, allow access to school resources and to participate in fairs and other events to attract membership.

  • Your school may require you to have a constitution to register as a club on campus as does FCD here is a sample constitution that you may edit to make your own, listed below.

  • After you have written a constitution you can start selecting your executive board and recruiting members. Follow your universities guidelines for board members and you can expand positions, as needed.

  • Then once you are a registered student organization with your university or college, you can charter with the Florida College Democrats.

  • Chartering Application

Resources for Chapters

Resources for Up and Coming Chapters

Resources for Current Chapters