UCF Convention Information


FCD convention at ucf #Thisisbig

I would like to personally welcome everyone to the University of Central Florida and to the 2019 FCD Spring Convention. UCF is proud to host this year's convention and we hope that your time here in Orlando is pleasant.

UCF may be a big school, but here we are a tightly knit community of people who strive for excellence and to make our country greater. Throughout this convention, I hope you have the time to walk around our campus and see what we have to offer and experience. The University is laid out in a way that makes it easy and enjoyable to walk around during breaks. Around campus, we have a number of restaurants that you should feel free to stop at if you get hungry.

Lots of work has gone into the convention. We have lots of good speakers and workshops lined up for you. Take this time to meet new people, learn new things, and network.  

I again hope you all enjoy yourselves here at UCF and get a lot of this convention.

All my best,

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Will Davis

Director of Membership